carrière chez B.G.R.

Heat treat operator

This job requires the operator to operate the laser cutting machine and operate heat treatment. The heat treatment operation is a pool of molten salt which heats up our circular saw.

It’s ok if you don’t have any experience. We will train you with our experts.

Salary starts at $19.36/h, and we offer great benefit like collective insurance. Also, a bonus of $1/h for night shift and $0,50/h for weekend shift.


  • Minimal maintenance for the equipment (cleaning up, lubricate, etc.)
  • Clean up basin thermal
  • Polish circular saws
  • Check up toughness saws
  • Correct minimal lack of production when it’s required
  • Add material in the thermal basin
  • Programming cutting of the saws


  • There are no requirements needed. On site training.


  • Good physical ability
  • High heat endurance
  • Capacity for precision work
  • Interest in versatile work

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